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6 Things That Affect the Cost of AC Installation

Whether you’re planning to install a new central air conditioner or replace your existing system in Longview, TX, you surely want to get a hint of what the cost looks like. Generally, it’s not only the labor cost that you have to know but also the factors that impact the overall installation cost. Check out these factors below!

Type of Air Conditioner

The kind of A/C you choose has a huge impact on the installation cost. Of course, your choice should depend on your home’s load and comfort requirements. Contact your air conditioning contractor to help find the right one for your space.

Unit Size/Capacity

The size doesn’t necessarily mean the physical dimension of the unit. It also refers to its cooling capacity. Generally, installing bigger air conditioning units has greater costs. It’s absolutely important that you get the right size suitable for your space and needs.

A/C Replacement

Commonly, the cost of replacing a central air conditioning system is lesser than the cost of adding a new unit to your space. Why? By replacing the system, there is no need to make changes on the infrastructure such as wiring and ductwork. In some cases, they may need some repairs, especially if you want the system installed in another area.


Are you planning to add extras on your HVAC systems like UV lights or air purifiers? They can indeed enhance your comfort and make your indoor air a lot cleaner, but they can also add to the cost of installation. Before putting in any add-ons to your heating or cooling system, make sure to ask for an estimate from your installer first.


Adding or replacing your existing ductwork for your new central A/C system can considerably add to the cost of central A/C installation. The cost for installing the ductwork may vary depending on the size of your space, design of the ductwork itself, ducting material to use (fiberglass, plain sheet metal, or fiberboard) and the tightness of the crawl spaces where the ducts need to be installed.

Number of Vents

Installing a central air conditioner requires you to add more return and supply vents for proper airflow. You will need more of them, especially if there are more areas to be cooled. The more vents to be installed, the higher the installation cost.

Aside from knowing these factors, it’s more important to find a reputable installer who will do the job right. Take note that the quality of installation has a big impact on your A/C’s efficiency and performance.

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