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Some Common Types of Heating Systems

When it comes time for heating installation in Gilmer, TX, there are a lot of factors to consider. This guide will help you figure out what type of system is best for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

You’ve got many options to warm your space, such as a furnace, boilers, and heat pumps. While all of them provide heat, they still have their own differences. Understanding each heating option available could help you determine the best for your property.


The furnace is a source of warmth for most homes in Texas during the winter. This type of heating system works by burning either fuel oil, natural gas, or electricity to produce heated air which travels through ductwork and vents into your house’s rooms as needed. 

Advantages: If you choose a furnace for your heating installation in Gilmer, TX, you’re likely to enjoy your investment for many years. Its service life is likely to offset the cost. It’s also relatively easy to install and maintain. What’s more, it can heat your place quickly.

Disadvantages: The gas-powered furnace releases carbon monoxide as a by-product of combustion and it poses health risks if not vented away safely.

Average Cost: The average cost of installing a furnace can run from $2000 to $10,000 or even more. The type of furnace, the materials, and equipment needed, as well as labor, affects the price. Since every household or office space has a unique requirement, it’s best to get a quote to know how much money you’ll need. Reputable HVAC companies will give it to you free of charge.


This type of heating system is commonly found in older homes. It uses water or steam that travels through pipes to provide heat to a property. Just like furnaces, boilers can run using natural gas, fuel oil, propane, biodiesel blend, or electricity.

Advantages: If you’re looking for zoned heating and cooling, boilers would be a great option. It also requires less maintenance and repairs because it contains fewer moving parts. What’s more, this type of heating system provides an even heat distribution

Disadvantages: If you’re heating a spacious house, boilers may not be the best option. Furthermore, this type of heating system installation in Gilmer, TX can be pretty costly so it may not be for those with budget restrictions. You also cannot combine this heating system with an air conditioning unit for year-round comfort.

Average Cost: Installing a boiler may cost around $5000 on average. Factors like the boiler’s efficiency, type, and brand of boiler usually affect the overall cost. Like any other heating system, it’s best to get a quote to know how much you’ll spend on this unit. Get at least three quotes to find the best deal.

Heat Pump

The heat pump is another reliable heating system that can be used year-round. This type of device functions both as a heating system and an air conditioner so homeowners can save money during warmer months by using it for cooling. This type of HVAC system can be either an air source or ground source. 

The air source heat pump works by transferring heat absorbed from air to your indoor space or extracting heat from the indoor space and releasing it outdoors. It works pretty much the same as your air conditioner. The ground source heat pump or geothermal heat pump, on the other hand, absorbs thermal energy to keep your place cool or warm.

Advantages: Heat pumps are very energy efficient, which is probably the best thing about this system. Its versatility is also incredible. With its ability to cool your space in the summer and warm your place in the winter, you can save a lot of money. Last but not the least, this unit doesn’t require much maintenance.

Disadvantages: The initial cost can be fairly high. But this can be offset by low maintenance and operational cost. So if you got the budget, heat pumps can be a great choice for your heating installation project in Gilmer, TX. Furthermore, it may not be powerful enough in places with rigid climates.

Average Cost: The air source heat pump usually costs around $5000 to install. The ground source heat pump, on the other hand, is more expensive. The price can go up to tens of thousands. The good news is that you might find incentives and rebates.

Space Heater

Space heaters (also called room heaters) are portable heating devices that burn either electricity or any burnable fuel to produce heat. This type of device works by using a fan to circulate hot air and it can be adjusted to direct the flow depending on where you need warmth in your home.

Advantages: Most space heaters cost way less than other types of heating systems. So it’s great if you need some source of warmth on a small budget. And since it’s portable, it’s perfect for individuals who frequently change residence. 

Disadvantages: Space heaters are only best as temporary heating solutions. Furthermore, it’s not powerful enough to heat large spaces. Last but not the least, this type of heating system is known for its safety risks. It’s among the most common causes of fire in the U.S. 

Average Cost: You can purchase the most basic type of space heater for less than a hundred bucks. And since this unit is like a plug-and-play device, no need to hire a heating installation expert in Gilmer, TX

How To Choose The Right Heating System: Factors To Consider

Overwhelmed by options? Here are some variables you should look into to make a more informed decision.

Fuel Source

Most heating systems use different types of fuel. Generally, there are three options – electricity, natural gas/propane, and oil.

Electrical appliances are usually the cheapest but can be somewhat limited if you’re looking for a central heating system that’s more energy efficient. Also, they could be dangerous to use if installed improperly.

Natural gas or propane systems are becoming more popular because it’s cost-efficient, highly available, and safe. Units that use gas are also convenient since it works on both forced-air furnaces and boilers. It’s best to check with your state, though, regarding gas lines in order to avoid frustration later on. Most homeowners prefer natural gas so this type of fuel source is readily available during winter seasons.

Oil heat can be very effective especially if you plan on using this as the only form of heat in your home. It’s more suitable for properties located in country areas or provincial locations since there are fewer gas lines installed for this type of fuel source.


The cost of energy is different depending on where you live because rates fluctuate depending on your state, geographical location, and season. Plus, the climate impacts how often your unit runs – colder climates need units that can keep homes hot all winter long while milder climates need less powerful heating systems to avoid excess costs for running them frequently.

Units like electric heat pumps work best if you live in places with moderate to cold winters. If you reside somewhere warmer most of the year, then an air conditioner might be the better choice. It could lower your utility bills during the summer months.

Other Factors To Look Out For

Here are some useful features you should consider before making a final decision on which heating system’s right for your family.

  • Convenience – It’s always good to invest in products that offer ease of use so you can go about your daily routine without worrying about complicated controls. 

Money-Saving Tip: You should consider investing in a programmable thermostat so you don’t waste energy heating up rooms when no one’s home. Just turn off the system during these times and you’ll save money on heating costs instantly since they won’t run unless it senses

  • Efficiency and Size – Is the unit operating at a high or low capacity? Does it use a lot of energy to heat up an entire room? The more efficient, the better. But note that high efficiency heating systems tend to be costly. Size also matters. Professional heating installation service provider in Gilmer, TX can help you calculate the heating capacity your space needs.
  • Space – Some heating systems are bulky. So what is the available space in your home? Do you have enough room for installing units? You have to determine the available space for installation before checking out that heating system you want. 

Keep in mind that most systems must be professionally installed and serviced, so there are additional costs involved with that too.

Get Help From Professional Installers!

If you still cannot decide what heating system to install, you can always contact the professionals for help. At Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing, we’ll be more than glad to help you find the best heating system for your property – and install it for you professionally as well.

If you’re ready to schedule a heating installation in Gilmer, TXor have any questionsplease don’t hesitate to call us at 903-758-6482.

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