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Common HVAC Technology Used in Business and Commercial Spaces

Common HVAC Technology Used in Business and Commercial Spaces

In commercial buildings, there are several kinds of HVAC tools and machinery specialized for complex applications and processes. We at NAPPS Heating, Cooling & Plumbing thought that it would be helpful to provide a list of these technologies to guide you when dealing with a commercial HVAC contractor. Here are common HVAC tools and technologies that offer solutions to your business’ air conditioning needs.

  • Constant Air Volume (CAV) – is a type of HVAC equipment with a single duct system and a consistent air flow. Majority of CAV systems have a sole thermal zone yet, the supply air temperature may vary depending on the thermal loads of space. Secondary CAV systems are effective in larger and multiple buildings.
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) – an HVAC system with a sole duct system where air flows on various channels. The good thing about VAV is the fact that it can control or reset temperature based on the demands of the outdoor air and your HVAC system. It includes a terminal reheat box to help you control humidity and temperature much better.
  • Heat Pumps – are the technology used by most commercial spaces to move the heat from an air-conditioned room to another location. Heat pumps use electricity to make a warm space warmer and a cool space cooler.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VFR) – is a common type of heat pump system that uses the refrigerant as its heating and cooling channel. With a single condensing unit, VFR can serve a number of evaporators to cool a space. It has a heat recovery option which allows the evaporators to be in heating and cooling mode simultaneously while connected to one condensing unit. Using the variable refrigerant flow offers great savings on energy for business owners.
  • Unit Ventilators (UV) – are composed of a heating and/or cooling coil and an internal fan. They are usually installed in an exposed area to provide air conditioning and/or air ventilation.
  • Ceiling Fans – are stand-alone devices that provide comfort less than an air conditioner offers. They serve as an alternative source of air to make a space more comfortable.
  • Geothermal Systems – are commonly used source of power for many commercial buildings and establishments. They use the earth’s core energy to convert the heat into electricity or power.

Should you purchase or install any of these HVAC technologies on your commercial space in Longview, TX and nearby areas? Contact us at NAPPS Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We’re more than glad to help!  

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