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Gilmer’s Heating Experts Discuss the Different Types of Heating Systems

The different types of heating systems

What Type of Heating System Should I Install?

Humans have come a long way. Millions of years ago, our ancestors could only keep themselves warm by lighting fires in caves. In these modern times, the options have gone wider. We have space heaters, boilers, furnaces, and many other heating systems to choose from.

However, having many options in heating installation in Gilmer, TX can also be a double-edged sword. It can be challenging to choose the best heating system. One way to make shopping for a new heating system easier is to understand every option available.

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Most homes in Texas rely on furnaces for heat in the winter. This type of heating system uses either electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil to function. It works by burning the fuel and delivering the heated air to where it is needed via the ducts and vents. The harmful gasses produced during the combustion process are vented out of the property through the flue pipe.

When you pick the furnace as your heating system, specifically the gas-powered one, note the risks involved. It releases carbon monoxide, which is poisonous and poses risks of explosion or fire.

Heat Pumps

The heat pump (HP) is a versatile type of heating system. You can use it for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. It comes in three types – air source HP, water source HP, and ground source HP. They all use renewable energy and require only a small amount of electricity to run, so you don’t have to spend much on its operation. The downside is that it isn’t cheap, especially the ground source HP. Its installation is extensive, often requires digging, so it is costly. It is also not suitable in frigid climates.


This is a common type of heating system for homes. It heats the water you need to use at home via electricity or combustion, then stores it in a tank that delivers hot water when needed through radiators, underfloor heating systems, or the like. It works best for zoned heating and not for heating large spaces. The most common boiler uses gas as its fuel source and releases carbon monoxide during its operation.

Space Heater

If your goal is to keep only one room warm while sleeping or watching TV, then a space heater might be up your ally. They come in two types: radiant and convection. Radiant heaters sit on the floor while convection ones stand up and distribute heat through fans.

Both kinds use electricity as their energy source and don’t operate automatically except for some high-end models. They are also not as energy-efficient as the other heating systems and can be a fire hazard if not used safely.

These are just a few of the heating systems available in the market but are among the most effective.

If you are still having difficulty determining the best type of heating system, the Napps team of licensed heating technicians is available to assist you. We also offer a furnace cleaning service in and near Gilmer, TX.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 903-758-6482

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Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing has been offering a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC/R solutions throughout North East Texas since 1957. Whether you need system installation, repair, or maintenance, the team has got you covered.

different types of heating systems

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