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Help! Why Is My House Warm Upstairs?

Help! Why Is My House Warm Upstairs?

Ever wondered why your home’s second floor is way warm than the ground floor? That normally happens due to several reasons, especially when the Longview’s summer is at its peak.

Understanding why your home’s second floor feels warmer could help you figure out what specific solution to look for. Keep reading below.

Leaky Ductwork

Poorly insulated, improperly designed, or leaky ductwork is another reason for temperature imbalance in your two-story home. Now, if your air conditioning system is installed away from your second floor and the conditioned air has to pass through long and leaky ducts, then your home won’t receive a good amount of cool air. Be sure to schedule an inspection with the pros to know if your duct is in good shape.

Warm Air Rises

The warm air in your home normally rises above the cool air. As the warm air goes up, your second floor will most likely contain the hotter air. With too much warm air accumulating in your second floor, the area can become warmer even if you set your thermostat right. You can install a zoning system to solve this problem.

Blocked Air Vents

Air vents that are blocked with rugs, furniture, or appliances can cause a heat build-up and might immediately warm up any room on the second floor aligned to it. This is a common issue in rooms that are placed above the air vents. Check the blockages in your air vents and remove them. Keep your vents open and clear, so your room upstairs gets the right and balance temperature.

Rooms Share a Border with Your Attic

Mostly, the warmest room in a home is the one that shares a ceiling with the attic. During the day, the sun’s rays hit the roof directly, and the heat from these rays will crawl into your attic, making it incredibly hot. When the warm air accumulates there, it will flow down through the upper floor. This makes your second floor warmer than the ground.

Trees Surrounding Your Home

More shade protection is given downstairs and more sunlight for the upstairs if your multi-story home is surrounded by big trees. While you want to maintain the natural appeal of your yard, consider upgrading your second floor’s window treatment and keep it close more often to prevent heat from accumulating there.

No matter how effective your cooling system works, your home’s second floor may receive hotter temperature when any of the above factors are at play.

Our team at Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing can conduct a home assessment and fix temperature imbalance through quality solutions. We are serving Longview, TX and the nearby areas. Contact us to get started!

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