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Henderson’s Master Plumbers Share Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Henderson's master plumbers share

How to Prevent Frozen Pipe

Are you tired of having to thaw pipes in your house every time the temperature plummets? Don’t want to experience the nightmare of a flooded basement (or any part of your home) because of a frozen pipe thawing gone wrong again? Or perhaps, you just don’t want to hire a plumber near Henderson, TX for a frozen pipe problem anymore. In this article, you’ll find simple yet effective ways to protect your pipes from freezing.

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Insulate Exposed Pipes

Pipes installed outdoors or in the basement, or any other unheated parts of the home are most susceptible to freezing. So before the winter comes, insulate those pipes. If you have long, straight pipes, try using tubular foam pipe insulation. For tight bends or short pipe sections, you may use a tape material or pipe wrap.

Insulate Your Home

Pipe insulation can only last for long. If you don’t want the trouble of insulating the pipe that runs in your basement, attics, or other areas at home every time the winter arrives, insulate the unheated places in your house instead. You won’t have to insulate the pipes in there anymore, and heat won’t escape your home.

Keep Your Home Warm 24/7

Some homeowners choose to lower the indoor temperature at night. But this might cause the pipe to freeze. It’s not necessary to turn the heat up. Just keep the indoor temperature at 55 degrees Fahrenheit all day long. That would be enough to avoid pipes from freezing. It may increase your utility bills a bit, but it sure is better and cheaper than getting a frozen pipe burst repair in Henderson, TX

Open Your Interior Doors

If you have pipes in the kitchen or bathroom, keep the doors in these rooms open to allow heated air from the house to circulate and reach the pipes. If you have small children, make sure there are no harmful substances or things that they can reach.

Why Should You Protect Your Pipes From Freezing?

Perhaps, you’re just too lazy to find and insulate exposed pipes in your home. Or just don’t have time for the task. But you should know that a frozen pipe carries a risk. When a pipe freezes, it may burst – and you don’t want that to happen.

A burst pipe may cause significant, expensive water damage to your home. Not to mention the need to contact a plumbing company for a repairThe effort and time you’ll spend doing preventive measures will go a long way in terms of saving you money on repairs. 

Call a Professional for Help!

If you, unfortunately, overlooked some pipes at home, and you find those pipes frozen, contact a professional plumber for help. While you can handle the thawing yourself, you may not be able to handle the pipe bursting. By hiring pros, you know you and your home are safe from any risk caused by leaking water.

If you need help dealing with a frozen/burst pipe, feel free to contact Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing at 903-758-6482. We offer a wide array of HVAC and plumbing services including a water heater repair in Henderson, TX.

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