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How to Protect your Plumbing System from Extreme Summer Heat

How to Protect your Plumbing System from Extreme Summer Heat

If you think that it is you alone who endures the summer heat, you are wrong! Your plumbing system also suffers with you. The scorching heat of the sun produces negative effects on your home’s plumbing system without your notice. With extreme humid temperatures, certain parts of your drainage system may break down and even stop from working.

Today, let us learn the ways to protect your home from experiencing plumbing problems this summer. Here is some advice from the experts!

  • Paint Your Pipes

If you have PVC pipes installed in your plumbing system, both heat and humidity may cause it to expand. Its physical features can be highly affected by UV radiation from the sun, reducing its ability to absorb shock. Pipe expansion can lead to serious breakage, leaks, and low water pressure. Painting your pipes with light colors repels the sun’s rays and prevents the pipe from expanding.

  • Check Your Air Conditioner Drain

Your air conditioner drain is also part of your home plumbing system. Hot weather causes mold and mildew to grow faster than normal. These molds can lead to air contamination, causing your cooling unit to release unclean air throughout the house. Be sure to call a professional to inspect your A/C drains.

  • Schedule a Drain Cleaning Service 

A clogged toilet and drain can cause havoc to your internal plumbing system. When drains are severely clogged, contaminated water may run back to your pipes and leak into the house. This is why drain cleaning is vital to prevent your drain system from clogging. Schedule a professional drain cleaning service to ensure quality and long-term results.

  • Call for a Plumbing Inspection in Advance

Just before the summer wave hits you hard, you should call your plumbing contractor in advance to inspect your plumbing system. A scheduled maintenance check helps you identify current issues on the system and prevent those problems from recurring. Prevention is always better than cure. So, call your trusted plumbers as early as now for preventive plumbing maintenance.

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