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HVAC Experts in Tyler, TX Share Basic Home A/C Troubleshooting Tips

 Basic home AC troubleshooting tips

How To Repair Your A/C At Home

Air conditioning units are a must-have for many homes, especially during the hotter months. However, like any other appliance, they can break down and need repairs from time to time.

While it is always best to hire a professional to do any repairs on your air conditioning unit, there are some things that you can do yourself at home if you are comfortable with doing so.

 A/C repair Tyler, TX

Checking the power

Check the power source if your air conditioning unit doesn’t turn on. Someone might have unplugged your A/C and forgot to plug it in. If the unit is plugged in but still does not work, check the circuit breaker or the fuse. The circuit breaker might have been tripped. In this case, you only have to reset the breaker. If everything is fine, then you may have a more serious issue and will need to call for an emergency A/C repair in Tyler, TX.

Checking and Replacing the Air Filter

Dirty air filters can lower your A/C’s efficiency and cause many other problems like poor indoor air quality. So if your unit is acting up, you can first check the air filter for dirt buildup. If the air filter is dirty, replace or clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most air conditioning units will have a panel that can be removed so that you can access the air filter. If you’re going to replace the filter, make sure the replacement is compatible with your system. 

Clearing the condensate line

Have you noticed a pool of water near or under your cooling equipment? You can check the condensate drain pipe first for clogging. The condensate line is responsible for bringing the water from the air conditioning unit outdoors. If this line becomes blocked, the water will have nowhere to go.

To clear the line, start by disconnecting the power to the unit. Then, locate the condensate line and use a small brush or other tools to remove any debris blocking it. If the line is clear, the issue may be found in the drain pan. 

Getting rid of obstructions in the vents and outdoor unit

Obstructions in the vents and outdoor unit will restrict the airflow, causing A/C performance issues. So check the vents and remove anything in front of them. Obstructions in the vents and outdoor unit will restrict the airflow, causing A/C performance issues. So check the vents and remove anything in front of them. Also, trim branches and foliage around the outdoor unit to ensure good airflow.

These are some things that you can do to repair your A/C at home. If the problem persists, then call your trusted local HVAC contractor for emergency A/C repair services. 

Call Napps, Cooling, Heating & Plumbing for Reliable & Budget-friendly A/C Repair In or Near Tyler, TX

If your A/C has stopped working or not cooling your home as efficiently as it used to, then give us a call. Our NATE-certified technicians will quickly troubleshoot the problem and recommend the most effective solution.

Call us at 903-758-6482 if you have any questions or are ready to schedule an appointment.

 A/C repair Tyler, TX


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