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Top 5 Christmas Lights Safety Tips

 Napps Top 5 Christmas Lights safety tips

Bright and sparkling Christmas lights are one of the most festive decorations in the Christmas season. However, when the lights blink erratically, it’s a sure sign of danger for your family and property.

Keep your loved ones and belongings from the risk of fire with these top 5 must-know Christmas light safety tips from Napps Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

Beware of Broken Bulbs

While you’re unpacking last year’s decorations, or the one you bought recently, make sure to check for cracked or broken bulbs. Inspect the bulbs for damages to prevent electrocution and electrical fires.

Dim and flickering Christmas lights are clear signs of broken bulbs. Fix the issue by replacing it with new bulbs from the replacement pack that comes along with the package that you bought.

Secure All Light Strands

When decorating the interior and exterior of your home with Christmas lights, use electrical tape to secure the light strands and extension cords to prevent tripping hazards. Fasten the light strands firm on non-moving objects like trees and walls.

If you are using old Christmas lighting, don’t place them near any combustible materials because the old strings may not be able to tolerate the heat. Always check the quality of your decorations before using them to avoid any fire-related accidents.

Use Indoor and Outdoor Lights Respectively

Like any other tool, Christmas lights are labeled accordingly by their use. So when purchasing a new set of lights to decorate your home, you should be wise to use them as intended.

Indoor lights may appear cheaper than outdoor lights, but these are made to withstand against moisture. It will be unsafe to use them during the winter. Before starting to decorate your home with Christmas lights, always check the label.

Buy Christmas Lights With UL Safety Certification

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Christmas lights cause 40% of Christmas tree fires and decorations cause more than 15,000 injuries. That’s why we highly suggest you buy a Christmas decoration with UL Safety Certification. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent organization for product safety certification.

Never Leave Christmas Lights Unattended

Christmas lights should never be left on for an extended period of time, especially when placed on a dry Christmas tree or near combustible materials. Do not forget to turn off the Christmas lights when no one’s around or before going to sleep. Another smart option is to purchase a light timer or remote controls if you are prone to forgetting.

Whether you are planning to go big or small with your decorations this Christmas, the comfort and safety of your family should be your priority. At, Napps Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, our mission is to take care of your HVAC/R needs and ensure your comfort even during the holidays.

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