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Top 5 Plumbing Tips for Fall

 Top 5 Plumbing Tips for Fall

Fall also means getting your plumbing system in Longview, TX is all set for the cold weather. From the garden hose outside the house to your water heater, you should learn how to keep them in best condition throughout the fall and winter seasons. Check out these five (5) easy and simple plumbing tips for your home.

  • Store Your Garden Hoses

Before the temperature drops, keep your garden hoses indoors to ensure that it will survive throughout the cold season. Drain it properly and place it somewhere in the house that is not affected by the freezing temperature.

  • Shut off the Hose Bibb

Also known as the outside spigot, hose bibb is the exterior faucet connected to your garden hose. Turning it off is one of the essential tasks to do this fall. Locate the valve of the hose then detach it from the spigot. Shut off the bibb properly without leaving any trace of water in the supply line. The water inside the hose may freeze that can cause the pipes to break or burst. To prevent this issue, we advise investing in a frost-proof hose bibb before the winter sets in.

  • Check Your Sump Pump

Both ground and rainwater have to be drained and pumped out properly to prevent cases of flood in your residential area. This is when sump pump steps in. It is one of the main components of your home’s plumbing system in Longview, TX which need regular maintenance for best performance. Make sure it is functioning correctly especially these cold months. Schedule a professional inspection service as early as now.

  • Inspect Your Sewer System

You probably do not think that much about your drain and sewer system at home until something happens. Keeping your sewer system in best condition is one way of maintaining the smooth operation of your plumbing system. Therefore, you need to inspect your drain and sewer system this fall to avoid inconveniences. If you encounter any issues in your sewers, do not hesitate to talk to our experts at Napps.

  • Schedule a Comprehensive Water Heater Maintenance

While most water heaters last up to 12 years, yours might not reach that lifespan because of lack of maintenance. Extending the life of your water heater requires a regular tune-up service to identify potential issues ahead of time. Maintaining your water heater should be part of your overall plumbing maintenance job. Want more tips from the experts about taking care of your plumbing system in Longview. TX? Give us a call at Napps Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today!

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